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Website Terms of Use

1. External Links of Website

This Website provides hyperlinks (Links) to other websites. You can also click on these Links to visit the corresponding websites. However, the Privacy Policy of this Website do not apply to these websites. You must refer to the privacy protection policies of respective websites.

2. Use of Cookies

To provide you with the best service, this Website will place cookies on and use cookies in your browsers. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can set your browser’s privacy level to high to block cookies. However, blocking cookies may affect the normal operations of some Website functions.

Privacy Policy

I. Scope of Application

1. This “Privacy Policy” (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy) applies to all websites, domains, and applications of the Company.
2. Policy contents:
(1) These contents include how the Company’s collection, processing, and use of the personal data provided by users when using the Website.
(2) The Policy applies to the Company’s partners (including, but not limited to, government agencies, business organizations, and others) or affiliates involving the collection, processing, and use of the personal data on commission by or through cooperation with the Company.
3. Except the aforementioned situations, the Policy does not apply to organizations outside of the Company, nor does it apply to personnel not employed or managed by the Company. The Policy does not apply to the following situations:
(1) When users visit the corresponding websites through the links to these websites provided on the Company’s website (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) or applications (hereinafter referred to as the “Application”), the Site makes no representation or warranty for the protection of their privacy rights on these websites. Additionally, the Policy does not apply to these websites. Users should refer to the privacy protection policies of the respective websites.
(2) Advertisers advertising on the Site or Application may also collect the data of users. Each of these advertisers has its own privacy protection policy. The Policy does not apply to the data processing of these advertisers, and the Company will assume no responsibility for anything.

II. Data Collected by the Company

1. Personal data voluntarily provided by users
When visiting the Site and/or using the Site’s services (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) or other services, users will be asked to provide their personal data, including, but not limited to, their names, phone numbers, emails, and contact information, as requested by different webpages according to the actual situations. 
2. Data recorded by the Site or Application
(1) When users browse the Site or Application, the Company may collect and retain the relevant records generated spontaneously by the sever. These records include the browsers used by users, the data they have browsed and selected (clicked), the duration of browsing, the IP of the networking equipment, and other data that can be used for analysis and personalizing Service. The Company will collect such information with cookies or other technology.
(2) Definitions and use of cookies
Use of cookies
1. Cookies are small blocks of data placed in the user’s hard drive via a browser for differentiating the user’s different preferences. They are created during user registration or login and modified after user logout.
2. Users can set the level of cookie acceptance from the browser. There are three options: “accept all cookies,” “alert for cookies” and “reject all cookies.”
By rejecting all cookies, users may be unable to use some personalized services or join some events.
3. The Company will write and read cookies in the user’s browsers under the Policy. Data collected from cookies will be consolidated and edited anonymously without directly linking to the user’s personal data.
Coolies are used to produce statistics on visitors and analyze browsing patterns to understand the status of webpage browsing for the reference of improving services and providing quality solutions of the Site or Application.
4. When users browse the Site, it will also use cookies via the third-party analysis tool, Google Analytics, to understand the methods of interaction (including the number of visits and stay) between users and the Site. We will understand the content and direction of event execution through such data.
5. Users can directly visit the privacy policy and security website of Google Analytics (https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=zh-Hant) to understand its privacy policy and the methods to reject information disclosure to Google Analytics.

III. Personal Information Notification 

1. Regarding the purpose of collection and the time period, territory, recipients, and methods of use of the personal data, the Company also informs users of the purpose of collection and the time period, territory, recipients and methods of use of their personal data in various services over the Site, via the Application, or by customer service call.
2. Users are free to select the provision of their personal data (except for personal data requested by law). However, rejection of personal data provision may affect service application and integrity.

IV.  Rights of Data Subjects 

1. With respect to the Personal Data Protection Act, users may exercise the following rights over the Company:
(1) the right to inquire, review, and request for a copy of their personal data, provided, the Company may charge a service fee;
(2) the right to supplement, correct, and demand the cessation of the collection, processing, or use their personal data; and
(3)the right to erase restrict the processing and use of their personal data (suspension of the processing and use of their personal data before the clarification of the accuracy and dispute over such data).
2. However, the Company may reject such rights for performance of statutory duties or business needs.
Additionally, the exercise of the above rights may affect the relevant rights (e.g., if users request for cessation of marketing to the Company, they may not receive the relevant service and discount information) of users.
3. When a dispute remains unsettled, users may file a grievance to the judiciary and/or police.

V. Emails and commercial information

After obtaining users’ consent when they apply for membership or event participation, the Company will send to users the Company’s service-related emails or commercial data.
In such emails or commercial data, apart from indicating the Company is the sender, the Company will also provide instructions and methods for users to unsubscribe such emails or commercial data.

VI. Data Sharing Between the Company and Third Parties

1. The Company will provide users’ personal data to third parties such as government agencies and its partners under the following circumstances:
(1) Obtaining users’ consent before sharing their data with third parties.
(2) When it is necessary to share data with a third party to provide users with services, the Company will provide full description in the relevant events and notify users before collecting their personal data. Users are free to accept or reject the Company’s data sharing with third parties. In the absence of the user’s prior consent, no third party is allowed to use the users’ personal data provided by the Company for the purposes not stated in the service.
(3) Compliance with the law or requirements of government agencies: When the judiciary or police request for provision of the personal data of specific individuals for the reason of social and public safety, the Company will make necessary cooperation in consideration of the due process of the judiciary or police and the protection of user safety.
However, to protect the personal privacy of data subjects, the Company will not provide users with the data of other users. Users in need of retrieving the personal data of other users for legal matters must file an action to the police. The Company will make full cooperation with the police investigation and provide all the relevant data.

VII. Information Security

1. The Company adopts appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction of data. This will include the internal audit of the collection, storage, and processing practices of data and security measures, as well as the physical security measures, to prevent the unauthorized access to Company’s systems for storing personal data.
2. As there is no guarantee for absolute information security during data transmission over the Internet, despite the Company’s hard endeavors to protect the security of users’ personal data, the Company makes no representation or warranty for the absolute security of data that users send to or receive from the Site or Application when data transmission involves the security level of users’ networking environments. Hence, users still need to pay attention to and take the risk of data transmission over the Internet.

VIII. Self-Protection Measures

Users are advised to properly keep their network certificate, password, or any personal data and not to provide personal data, particularly the passwords, to any person or other organizations at will.
After users complete membership registration for Service, please make sure to log out from the Site after use. When sharing a computer with others, users are advised to close the browser after use to prevent others from reading their personal data.

IX. Amendment to Privacy Protection Statement

The Company reserves the right to amend the Policy from time to time. Users can inquire the latest version of the Policy on the Site at any time.
In the event of significant policy change, the Company will publish the change over the Site or notify users by email of the relevant matters.

X. Contact Information
Users having doubts about the Policy are welcome to leave their questions in the Site’s guestbook.


1. Methods of collection, processing, and use of personal data
When you visit the Site or use the Service, the Company will ask you to provide necessary personal data based on the nature of Service and process and use your personal data for the said purposes. The Site will not use your personal data for other purposes without your written consent.
When you use interactive functions, such as email and questionnaire, the Site will retain the name, email, and contact information provided by you and the time of use.
When you browse the Site, the server will automatically record the relevant behavior, including the IP of your networking equipment, the time of use, the browsers you use, and the data you browse and select, for the reference of Service improvement. This information is for internal use only and will not be announced to the public.
To provide you with the precise service, we will perform statistical analysis of the collected responses to our questionnaires. In addition to use for internal research, we will announce the statistics or text description produced from the analysis results without involving the data of any specific individual.

2. Protection of Data 
All Site servers are equipped with various information security equipment, such as firewalls and antivirus systems, and necessary security protection measures. Stringent protective measures for protecting the Site and your personal data are also adopted to ensure only authorized personnel can access your personal data. All relevant data processing personnel are requested to sign the non-disclosure agreement and will be sanctioned by law for breaching the non-disclosure obligations.
When it is necessary to outsource services to other units due to business needs, the Site will also request them to strictly abide by the non-disclosure obligations and adopt necessary inspection procedures to ensure their compliance with the non-disclosure obligations.